Tips on Taking Care of a Colored Hair

Hair coloring is one of the trends that never fades away. Since the beginning of fashion, there were already people who had made the entire modeling ramp looked so extravagant with how the clothing and the hair compliment each other. The influence of coloring hair started with a use of wigs, and from this time on, people nowadays are going to extremes of coloring their hair with light, medium, dark and bright colors of hair dyes.

The extent of taking care of your hair after having it color treated should be maintained in a sense that you’ll have to at least get maintenance by a specialist and use recommended products that will keep the hair manageable and does not irritate the scalp. Going from one hair color to another could definitely damage your hair and this can lead to major problems that will make your hair very unhealthy. So, in order for you to maintain your color treated hair.

Here are the following tips on how you’re going to take care of your colored hair.

Planning ahead of time– it would be best for you to have a plan as to how you’re going to dye your hair. However, this can be done by yourself, but you have to keep in mind that it is very different compared to having a skilled hairstylist and colorist provide you with the best results ever.

Seeking professional care assistance – if you are uncertain as to the type of hair color that will suit your style, this is another way for you to discover it first before going to a hair colorist. Keep in mind that their advices are most important for you to avoid hair damage and breakage.

Do it yourself hair coloring– If you want to spend less and going to a hair colorist is somehow expensive to you, there is a slight difference if you do not seek professional assistance. Although instructions in the box are provided, if you are not careful enough to apply the hair color product, this can give you an unsatisfying feeling because you will never know if you are doing the process correctly.

Sealing your hair– for you to be able to lock the hair color, there are certain steps for you to consider, such as,

Using a flattening iron– as soon as your hair is done coloring, most hair colorists would apply a heating tool to your hair like the flattening iron. Its purpose is to keep the colored hair locked in at the hair shaft portion.

Before washing your hair– the usual span of minutes for you to wait while having your hair dyed is more or less 40 minutes. In this way, your hair is deeply colored and toned according to the hair color that you have chosen.

Using of other hair products– once your hair is dyed, indeed, your hair is no longer naturally colored and you will definitely need hair care products that will suit the type of your hair and the chemicals that have been used on your hair. It would be best for you to use a milder hair shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner that will keep the hair healthier.

Cold water– having to wet your hair after coloring should be done as this will prevent any damage thus keeping the hair color as vibrant as it can be.

Avoid the use of harsh shampoos and conditioners- as mentioned, it would be best for you to use milder shampoos and those that are highly moisturizing.

Recolor your hair at least once in every three months.